Vivation is a physically pleasurable feeling based process of unconditional love you can learn to quickly and permanently heal any kind of emotion, trauma or experience. Vivation integrates the core principles found in yoga, breathwork, and meditation into a unified process of healing and personal transformation.

Vivation International is the official organizing and certifying body of Vivation worldwide. Our mission is to make Vivation available to all those who want to learn. Since 1979, Vivation has been proven effective by the results of over 100,000 Vivation students in 80 countries.

Vivation is learned in person from a certified Vivation® Professional Practitioner. Vivation Professionals are committed to your mastery of the skill of Vivation, and are trained to meet the highest standards of professional and ethical practice as described in our code of ethics. Should you have any questions or concerns about your Vivation Professional, please use our confidential contact form, or call our office directly at 1.928.707.8500

*Vivation is a self-improvement technique and is not a substitute for other treatments or therapy you might be receiving. Should you have any concerns about the effect this might have on your physical or mental health it is recommended you consult your doctor or mental health professional.

Vivation® is the service trademark of Vivation International.

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