Vivation FAQ’s

Is Vivation safe?

Yes, since 1979 Vivation has proven safe and effective by over 100,000 students worldwide. Although Vivation brings profound results, its power comes from its gentleness. No one has ever been hurt doing Vivation. Should you have any concerns about the effect this might have on your physical or mental health it is recommended you consult your doctor or mental health professional.

Is Vivation therapy?

Vivation is a skill you learn to do for yourself, so technically it is not therapy. However, Vivation is extremely therapeutic and can rapidly accelerate any emotional work you are doing with a qualified therapist.

Is Vivation meditation?

Yes, but unlike most types of mediation, which require a quiet and undisturbed place, Vivation can be done anywhere – while working, playing, driving, and in public. Vivation can also be done in a quiet place to go deep within.  Vivation is a physically pleasurable feelings-based type of “mindfulness”. Vivation transforms bad experiences into good ones, and good ones into great ones. Because Vivation feels so good, most people find they naturally start “Viving” any time they want to improve their situation.

Is Vivation breathwork?

Yes, but much more!  Vivation has five elements, of which breath mastery is just one. See the Five Elements of Vivation for more detail.

Is Vivation a religion?

No, Vivation is a physical feelings-based process that anyone can learn no matter what their belief. Vivation enhances your awareness of the life force energy within you, helping you feel more alive and empowered, and all that that entails.

Does Vivation require a still mind?

No, not at all. Vivation actually brings spectacular results for those with an “over-active” mind. Vivation helps people who tend to live “in their heads” finally make simple and loving contact with the feelings in their body.  Because Vivation is a “physical-feelings-based” meditation, it gives your mind a much needed vacation. After a Vivation session, people report having a much a clearer and sharper mind than they did before.

How long does it take to learn Vivation?

About 14-16 hours. Almost everyone who commits to learning Vivation, can start doing it well after a few lessons. Each lesson builds on the next, resulting in your complete autonomy with the skill after just 2-3 days of instruction and coaching. See our courses page for more detail


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