Uses for Vivation

By Jim Leonard

Vivation is the skill of happiness. Vivation brings breath and focused awareness together to empower you to heal yourself on many levels. Vivation enables you to produce superior outcomes by removing negative factors from your own subconscious. Yet Vivation works at the feeling level. Vivation is not a mental process. Specifically, Vivation causes integration. Integration means experiencing a feeling honestly and embracing it fully. Integration is the opposite of suppression. When you hide from a feeling or try to make it go away, you are suppressing it. When you face the feeling squarely and accept it, you are integrating it. Integration is physical as well as mental. Each emotion is made of energy, and the energy it contains is held away, as a separate entity, until you integrate it. Once you integrate the emotion, its energy merges back into your overall aliveness. In the same moment, you gain the lesson the emotion has for you.

The breathing we use in Vivation is called Circular Breathing. It is continuous, without pauses. The inhale is intentional and the exhale is relaxed. Circular Breathing creates waves of energy in your body that you can readily feel. The waves of energy massage and caress you from the inside. Simultaneously, the waves carry valuable information to you from your subconscious.

Vivation is more than Circular Breathing. When you learn Vivation you learn how to create the physical energy of unconditional love within yourself. As feelings and emotions arise during the process, you feel them in detail and give them your unconditional love. The unconditional love, even more than the breathing itself, creates the results.

At first you learn Vivation from a trained teacher, your Vivation Professional. With just a few lessons you can learn to give yourself complete Vivation sessions whenever and wherever you wish. Each Vivation session gives you profound insights into yourself and deep healing of energy blockages and emotional scars. When you complete your session, you feel refreshed, revitalized and renewed.

You can also do Vivation during other activities. This is called Vivation in Action. Vivation in Action enables you to be more present with whatever is going on, less emotionally reactive, and more centered and creative. When you do Vivation in Action in the presence of other people, no one will detect that you are doing anything unusual. They will just think you are a particularly alert, yet relaxed, individual.

Since I developed Vivation in 1979, I have personally facilitated more than 45,000 Vivation sessions in twenty-one countries. Including all the clients of all my students, more than 100,000 people have learned to do Vivation for themselves worldwide. I have therefore had ample opportunity to observe the results people get from doing Vivation. Obviously different people have different situations in their lives. Therefore the results people get from doing Vivation are as varied as people themselves. However, I have observed certain consistent benefits obtained by nearly everyone who learns Vivation. These are some of the ways you can use Vivation:

Use Vivation to reduce stress. Vivation is the stress reduction technique so effective that the stress never comes back! Integration of emotions is permanent. Vivation uses breathing to make a connection between your suppressed emotions and your spiritual essence. It relaxes you and renews you physically at the same time that it eliminates worry and negativity.

Use Vivation to solve personal problems. You can use Vivation to solve long-standing emotional problems and patterns of unwanted results. With Vivation, you solve your own problems within the privacy of your own being, without obsessing about the past or future. During Vivation you focus on the feelings in your body, which means you bring your full attention to the present moment. By feeling the present moment in detail, you can explore the entire life experience of your energy body. And only within the present moment can you give love to your injured feelings in the way that is effective at healing them forever. During your Vivation session, your Vivation Professional does not give you psychological counseling or make any attempt to produce your results for you. Instead you produce your own results and develop your own clarity and insights.

Use Vivation to deal effectively with grief, depression or turmoil. Everyone experiences difficult emotions, or even depression, at one time or another. Vivation helps immediately by generating pleasurable energy within your body. This makes it much easier for you to integrate depression or any other feelings you might be experiencing. Vivation allows you to experience your feelings honestly, without being traumatized by them. Love heals everything.

Use Vivation to improve your breathing. Most people are not very good breathers. Circular Breathing not only harmonizes the energy in your body immediately, but is also the best way to breathe all the time. Circular Breathing is relaxed and does not produce hyperventilation. What it does do is open the energy channels of your body. The bliss you feel during Vivation is a result of your spiritual energy flowing freely. Suppression of emotions requires inhibition of breathing. Every time you integrate a feeling, your breathing improves automatically.

Use Vivation to improve your relationships. In relationships people have trouble when they don’t accept each other as they are. Unresolved emotions from childhood and later stages of life can often be projected onto other people. Vivation eliminates old patterns of negativity and makes it possible to see people (including oneself) as the magnificent beings they really are. Vivation will make you more loving while at the same time helping you to acknowledge problems with people while the problems are still subtle. As a result, all your relationships, with everyone, improve dramatically.

Use Vivation to develop your spirituality. Everyone needs spiritual renewal. Vivation enables you to experience your own divine spirit directly, without belief systems. Every Vivation session gives you clarity. This is because your feeling awareness is more connected to your spirit than your thinking mind is. Your spirit reliably knows what’s best for you. Vivation resolves your emotions and enables you to feel the will of your spirit.

Use Vivation to feel better fast. Whenever you’re feeling bad, for any reason emotional or physical, you can use Vivation to feel better fast. Vivation enables you to make peace with everything you feel. Integrating a feeling causes appropriate change to take place in your mind, body and energy. You can integrate anger, fatigue, headache, body aches, agitation, and even grief and depression. While complete resolution of any of these conditions might require a complete session, even the first few minutes of Vivation make you feel significantly better. Just as important, Vivation also improves your perspective about what has been bothering you. In addition to improving your emotional state, Vivation is also an effective method for coping with physical pain, whether acute or chronic. And it’s all natural!

Use Vivation to break bad habits and addictions. Bad habits and compulsive patterns of behavior exist for the purpose of suppressing emotions. Integrating the suppressed feelings eliminates the perceived need to engage in the suppressive behavior. Often, bad habits drop away spontaneously as a result of Vivation. With particularly troublesome habitual behaviors, make Vivation a key part of your program of behavior modification. Vivation has been shown to be effective in helping people in recovery from addictions. It works well in conjunction with Twelve-Step Programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous. Vivation helps in recovery by freeing people from the past, increasing motivation through enthusiasm, and developing emotional resourcefulness to find new solutions to old problems. It also shows you how to feel incredibly good without resorting to the addictive behavior.

Use Vivation to cause creative breakthrough. Vivation increases your creativity by reducing the barrier between your subconscious creative process (from which your dreams originate) and your conscious will. It focuses your creativity on solving your problems appropriately. All creative breakthrough comes about through shifting your attention from what isn’t there to what is there. That is exactly what integration is! Every integration you achieve through Vivation gives you a creative breakthrough. Most important, with Vivation you cause creative breakthrough at the feeling level, thus bypassing the mental inflexibility that made it difficult to solve the problem in the first place.

Use Vivation to achieve your goals. Fulfilling your heart-felt desires is the most natural thing in the world. Unfortunately, people create unnecessary difficulties for themselves by suppressing emotions. The suppression itself consumes time and energy, and then the suppressed emotion creates problems by influencing your behavior inappropriately from the unconscious level. Vivation makes your goals clearer to you, because in the integrated state you feel the guidance of your spirit. It clears the emotional blockage that can create struggle and self-sabotage. Vivation makes it easy to take appropriate action with enthusiasm.

Use Vivation to raise your self-esteem. You have self-esteem to the extent that you love yourself unconditionally. Shame and guilt rob you of self-esteem. Vivation resolves shame and guilt gently, thoroughly and permanently. It does not matter where the shame or guilt came from in the first place. When you give unconditional love to your troubled feelings, they heal themselves spontaneously. Through Vivation you find peace of mind.

Use Vivation to live your life to its fullest. Vivation enhances your enjoyment of everything. It makes both pleasant and unpleasant experiences better. Vivation brings you into the present moment, where pleasure actually exists. There is always pleasurable energy in your body as long as you are alive. Vivation enhances the flow of this energy and allows you to find pleasure where you wouldn’t find it otherwise. Vivation shifts your awareness to the positive aspect of your experience. It directly increases the flow of love energy in your body and raises your self-esteem. This makes you realize that you deserve the good things in life. Combined with the way Vivation solves your problems and increases your creativity and enthusiasm for achieving goals, Vivation enables you to live a far richer life than you possibly could without it.

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