What is Vivation

“Wow! I didn’t know it was possible to feel this good!,” said a client the other day after a Vivation session.

Originated by Jim Leonard, Vivation is a physically pleasurable meditation and breathwork process you can learn to quickly and permanently resolve any kind of negative emotion, trauma or stress. Vivation is a gentle yet powerful process that works by helping you experience the truth of your feelings as just physical patterns of energy in the body. By directly connecting with your feelings at the physical level, negative thoughts about those feelings are bypassed, resulting in a much more honest and pleasurable experience. This results in an integration of your feelings, transforming your experience from one of suffering to one of bliss.

Although Vivation can trace its roots to the ancient sciences of Indian Kriya and Tantra Yoga, as well as modern breathwork, Vivation is a unique breakthrough with a vastly simplified process that anyone can learn in just a few days of instruction. What sets Vivation apart is the focus on inner body wisdom, rather than a reliance on complicated techniques or surrendering ones autonomy to a guru. In Vivation your body is your guru.

By aligning with our body’s inner wisdom, the practice of Vivation brings us entirely into the present moment, where our true self resides in eternal bliss. When we experience negativity, it is not the feeling itself, but our block or resistance to that feeling. By letting go of our resistance, the natural flow of our emotions (in motion) expands our sense of self and we experience the joy, bliss and unconditional love that is already ours to experience

After traveling the world for many years and studying with masters from many traditions, as well as his own extensive personal experience, Jim Leonard distilled down the precise skills needed for efficiently and pleasurably heal any feeling, trauma or experience. These skills are the Five Elements of Vivation:

  1. Circular Breathing
  2. Complete Relaxation
  3. Awareness in Detail
  4. Integration into Ecstasy
  5. Do Whatever You Do, Willingness is Enough

Although each of these elements are large bodies of knowledge and practices in themselves, learning how to apply them efficiently on your own takes just a few days of instruction. You can read more about the five elements here. Mastering Vivation means knowing how to apply these elements in every situation, no matter how difficult, in the most efficient and pleasurable way possible. Like any powerful skill this requires direct experience from a highly trained Vivation facilitator. Our mission is to help you learn Vivation so you can start experiencing the benefits of it right away. For beginners, the following three formats are available:

If you would like to sign up for one of these trainings or get more information on Vivation, please contact us or use our online registration form.

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