Who We Are

PAUL HUGHES is the Director of Vivation International and the Vivation Professional Training School. An internationally recognized speaker, firewalking and empowerment instructor, and leader in the Vivation community, Paul is considered the “teachers teacher”, training most new Vivation Professionals in the world today. Paul has been a yoga practitioner since 1983 and teaching Vivation since 1999. Paul has conducted thousands of Vivation sessions throughout the world, including workshops, retreats, and personal intensives for those looking to improve their life. Paul is available for speaking engagements, firewalking events, empowerment retreats, group workshops and private instruction wherever you happen to be.

“Paul is a warm and compassionate teacher, and is the most gifted Vivation Professional I have ever taught.” – Jim Leonard, Creator of Vivation.

PATRICIA BACALL One of the most respected and experienced Vivation professionals in the world, Patricia Bacall is an international seminar leader who has taught hundreds of people to improve their lives through Vivation. In addition, Patricia is the author of Loving Yourself Thin, enabling individuals to heal the underlying causes of overeating, overweight and negative body image. Patricia is known for her understanding, intuition, and her positive, accepting approach to self-improvement. In her 20 years as a teacher, those who work with her learn to embrace themselves as strong, loving and compassionate individuals, fully capable of achieving their dreams.

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