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There Are No Negative Emotions

Only different kinds of bliss.

Before he died, Jim Leonard wanted to make sure that Vivers worldwide knew this important aspect of Vivation, as he believed that really understanding this concept was at the very core of the ability to be successful with Vivation as a valid and complete path to enlightenment. Along with mastery of the third element, Awareness in Detail, the understanding of this aspect of the Fourth Element can transform your Vivation practice and your life.

What this means in practical terms is that, no matter what our judgment of a certain circumstance might be, we can use our understanding of the … Continue reading

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Chasing the Elusive Bliss

Do you realize that when you are frustrated, angry or miserable, you create your own hell? It’s true. Too often, we simply do not want to acknowledge and take responsibility for our experience in life, preferring to shift the blame for our own funkiness to someone else or the situation in which we find ourselves. But here’s the reality –  by comparing your experience in the moment with that of some imaginary “perfect” moment, you disconnect yourself from appreciating all that the present moment holds for you, including humor, humility, empathy, acceptance, learning, and yes, even bliss.

And not only … Continue reading

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How I Ended My 20-Year Chocolate Binge

Have you ever wondered WHY it is so hard to change persistent, negative habits? We all have something that we want to change, whether it be to stop smoking, get more (or some) exercise, drink less alcohol, lose weight, eat more fresh foods, try out for that acting gig, or change negative ways of interacting with others.

If you’re NOT moving toward making the changes you want in your life–there’s a REASON for that. Why are you not doing what you say you want to do? From years of coaching Vivation, we have found that when you heal the deep-seated, … Continue reading

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Vivation Coming to Japan!

Paul is heading to Japan this month to teach Vivation there for the first time.

Jim had long wanted to bring Vivation to Asia, and now Paul is finally getting the oppurtunity to share this wonderful gift in the wake of the Tsunami.

For updates on Paul’s travels, visit his Facebook page.

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Guest Blog: 20 Reasons to Be In Your Body

I loved this and thought it appropriate to forward to my fellow VIvers…from Dr. Rankin. Let us know what you think—PB

Guest Blog from Lissa Rankin, MD

For years, people have been accusing me of not being in my body. I used to have no idea what that meant. I mean, of course I’m in my body, right? I have a body – and I’m alive. So by every medical and spiritual definition I could imagine, I’m in my body.

Yet, my mentors kept telling me I’m not – not just Tricia Barrett, my dear friend and spiritual counselor, but … Continue reading

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Accepting Unwillingness

Sometimes creating our own happiness seems like too much trouble. We want to just kick back and try to rely on other people’s love, substances, television, shopping, music, or a myriad of other things to create happiness for us.

The problem is, often that happiness is an illusion, imaginary, a phantasm, and later or the next day, we’re left with ourselves again, only to again confront the reality that our happiness comes from within, and is, at best, supported by ‘stuff’ outside ourselves, not created by it.

We as Vivers, know that we can reliably create that ‘peaceful, easy feeling’ … Continue reading

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Become More Creative with Vivation

No matter how creative or uncreative you have been so far in your life, you can become a lot MORE creative. Undoubtedly you have experienced being more creative some times than others. Did you know though, that you can learn to create those ‘more creative’ times at will? Did you know that through simple exercises you can make both your most creative times and your least creative times more creative?

You may have some myths about creative people. You may have an image in your mind of “creative types” wearing berets and listening to jazz. Or maybe you imagine the … Continue reading

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Healing Performance Anxiety with Vivation

Working with “Performance Anxiety”
Performance anxiety exists, at the level of the body, to improve performance, yet performance anxiety is also an enemy of performance itself. We have taught Vivation to hundreds of actors, performers, speakers, and martial arts practitioners specifically to overcome performance anxiety. The perceived “anxiety” really is an added burst of energy, from adrenaline and other bodily resources for the exact purpose of giving a better and more conscious performance. It is not something bad at all; in reality something extremely good. If this feeling of added energy is resisted, then the resistance both prevents the energy from … Continue reading

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Increasing Personal Power with Vivation

Being completely relaxed in your own skin is one of the definitions of personal power, not, as some people may think, exerting your will over others. Finding a way to achieve what you want without hurting anyone else, and benefitting everyone involved is also another definition. Being true to yourself, without trampling or disregarding the advice of others shows that you have a strong belief in who you are and what you are doing.

Some people think that to exert personal power, you must do it at the expense of someone else. That someone loses in the exchange…but true power … Continue reading

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Vivation and 12-Step programs

Excerpted from an article by Stacy Resnick in the Vivation Newsletter, October 1992

There are many, many people involved in the growing 12-step community, including but not limited to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Overeaters Anonymous (OA), Codependents Anonymous (CODA), Debtors Anonymous (DA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Gamblers Anonymous (GA). There seems to be an Anonymous group for every addiction, and it seems that nearly everyone has been or is addicted to something.

As Vivation professionals, we know the reasons. Addiction is described as a way to suppress and/or change feelings, an escape. Addictions are anything that we habitually, and probably compulsively, … Continue reading

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