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No matter how creative or uncreative you have been so far in your life, you can become a lot MORE creative. Undoubtedly you have experienced being more creative some times than others. Did you know though, that you can learn to create those ‘more creative’ times at will? Did you know that through simple exercises you can make both your most creative times and your least creative times more creative?

You may have some myths about creative people. You may have an image in your mind of “creative types” wearing berets and listening to jazz. Or maybe you imagine the mad inventor working in a basement laboratory. If you’re like most people, you certainly think of creative people as being different from yourself, maybe even a little eccentric.

The truth is that there is every kind of creative person. You can be yourself more than ever by increasing your creativity. You will not become more creative by imitating your stereotypes of other creative people.

One of the great myths of creativity is that everything has to be just right in order to be creative. Some people get hung up thinking that their environment has to be perfect first. Many people think they have to be in a “creative mood.” Some don’t move ahead because they don’t feel that they have the support of those around them. It is quite worthwhile to dispel these myths so that you may be in charge of your own creativity.

That your environment has to be right for you to be creative is only true to a limited extent. Obviously being interrupted every thirty seconds is not good for creativity. On the other hand, putting off being creative until the environment is just right is not very good for creativity either; you will do better not to think your creativity depends on your environment. I suggest that you learn to think creatively in traffic, at the dentist’s office, while waiting for the bus, or wherever you find yourself.

Creativity is not a mood and is not dependent on being in any particular mood either. No emotion can stop you from being creative. What can stop you is thinking that the emotion needs to change first before you can start being creative. If emotional well-being were a prerequisite of creativity, most of the great artists, writers and composers never would have created anything.

Vivation lends itself exquisitely to cultivating the characteristics of creativity, such as Curiosity, Initiative, a Flexible Mind and High Self-Esteem. Find out for yourself what delights you can create when you learn this transformational self-development technique.

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With warmest regards….keeeeep Viving!
Patricia Bacall and Paul Hughes

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