Chasing the Elusive Bliss

Do you realize that when you are frustrated, angry or miserable, you create your own hell? It’s true. Too often, we simply do not want to acknowledge and take responsibility for our experience in life, preferring to shift the blame for our own funkiness to someone else or the situation in which we find ourselves. But here’s the reality –  by comparing your experience in the moment with that of some imaginary “perfect” moment, you disconnect yourself from appreciating all that the present moment holds for you, including humor, humility, empathy, acceptance, learning, and yes, even bliss.

And not only is your judgment of the situation making your life hellish, but it robs you of the power from which you can do something to change the next moment.

Think about this–when you want to make a change in your life, is it better to come from a negative or a positive context?

For example, if you want to change a bad habit, do you think that if you beat yourself up long and hard enough, you’ll finally make the change you’d like? Or instead, would coming from a position of good humor and acceptance get you to your goal faster? In other words, a position of power.

Are you good at catching and holding bliss, or is it some mysterious and elusive emotional state that seems to come and go of its own accord? We’ve heard people talk about ‘following your bliss’, and it seems like a good idea, but what is bliss anyway? Bliss is simply having a positive relationship to your circumstances to achieve greater happiness, power and productivity. It’s being in harmony with yourself and discovering how you can not only manage, but transform negative emotions into creative action.

Vivation has proven to be one of the most effective ways for anyone to integrate all emotions quickly, thus increasing both enthusiasm and motivation. WithVivation, negative emotions that would have previously resulted in unhappiness and struggle are integrated into useful energy for more productive and creative pursuits.

By learning Vivation, you are able to create an abiding sense of personal well-being, enabling you to be happier and more successful by reducing internal distractions and emotional turmoil at will, not dependent on your environment, but relying on your own inner skills to create happiness on a daily basis. The moreVivation you do, the better you are at resolving negativity on your own. Take advantage of this valuable opportunity to learn Vivation Breathwork with a world-class teacher.

We are happy to announce that Vivation sessions via Skype are now available, call Paul Hughes @ 800-514-VIVE or Patricia Bacall 800-931-7007.

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