How I Ended My 20-Year Chocolate Binge

Have you ever wondered WHY it is so hard to change persistent, negative habits? We all have something that we want to change, whether it be to stop smoking, get more (or some) exercise, drink less alcohol, lose weight, eat more fresh foods, try out for that acting gig, or change negative ways of interacting with others.

If you’re NOT moving toward making the changes you want in your life–there’s a REASON for that. Why are you not doing what you say you want to do? From years of coaching Vivation, we have found that when you heal the deep-seated, long-held negative emotions that keep you stuck, you can move more gracefully toward creating a flow of the things you want in your life.

Here’s my story (Patricia) of how Vivation helped me uncover and heal the negative emotions and feelings that cause me to feel “less than” and engage in constant self improvement for years.

Because of deeply held personal trauma and negative feelings from my family situation, I never felt like I was good enough, and had to “get better” or somehow be more perfect to be acceptable to myself.

One way that I felt I could control my life would be to be physically perfect as I could be, and that included a lot of working out, lifting weights, body sculpting, and of course, dieting. I was not overweight, but the creation of a perfect body became an end in itself, bringing with it new and more interesting ways of beating myself up: the joy of losing a pound or two, or my disappointment in myself if I “went off my diet.” Because of the restrictive nature of dieting, I became a compulsive eater. (Thus the blog title) I would try to figure out ways of cheating and eat what I craved (chocolate), but still felt bad if it was not up to my standards of what I thought I should be eating. (Not chocolate.)

I can see that all of this was merely a “tempest in a teapot,” because I was unaware of how my suppressed negativity was affecting my actions and my perception of myself.

Then, when I discovered Vivation and started practicing it as a way of life, things began to change for me. I actually started loving and appreciating myself as the unique individual and beautiful person that I am. Continuing with Vivation, I was able to gradually heal the underlying feelings that had caused me to use food to deal with my negative emotions. And today, I eat what I want and weigh less than I did in high school. I don’t diet, I base my food choices on the values that are important to me, mainly health and longevity. I know that if something is bothering me, the first thing I do is Vive, rather than engage in any kind of suppressive behavior, which will not serve me in the long run, because the negativity will still be there, ready to be activated over and over again when similar situations arise.

Then from my own experience, I created a program called “Loving Yourself Thin,” (including a workbook and CD set that teaches the Vivation technique and offers a complete Vivation session,) so that people who cannot come to me to learn Vivation will have all the tools they need to heal themselves from the unpleasantness of compulsive behavior.

Oh yes, now I allow myself to eat chocolate when I like, I just don’t see it these days as an all-purpose solution for any and every problem and negative feeling in my life.

Warmest regards, Patricia

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