Looking for Happiness in All the Wrong Places

Looking at the world today we see many wrongs committed in the search of fame, fortune, power, security, health and happiness. Yet underneath this quest, everyone, even the most greedy and power-mad person in the world, is looking for the same thing: Happiness. The Dalai Lama put it beautifully when he said that, “in the final analysis, the hope of every person is simply peace of mind.”  We could use other words such as contentment, ease, power, satisfaction, or fulfillment. The point is that everything we do, we do because we believe in one way or another we will feel better for it. In other words, how we feel on the inside is the ultimate bottom line.

Whatever we are doing, playing a sport, going to work, visiting a doctor, we do because we believe we are going to feel better in the future, with less suffering and less pain.  When we go shopping, we continue to consume things, hoping that if we consume enough of the right things, we will have nirvana and finally be at peace.  We forget that is not money or the things that it can buy we are really after, but simply to feel better inside.  Yet, we forget the simple truth that the happiness we crave so desperately from things on the outside is inside ourselves, where it has been all along.

When we feel good inside we don’t crave anything or that we are missing anything. Life is an experience complete unto itself. The reason is simply that happiness, contentment, and peace of mind are the most natural states of all. They are the path of least resistance. When we relax our bodies and our minds, and just experience the present moment as it is, we realize that everything we have been searching for; the meaning of life, the fountain of youth, the holy grail, our truest purpose in this world, is inside us, just waiting to be felt. Feeling is key, and with Vivation you can transform any feeling into bliss. More accurately, the feeling is already blissful, it’s just a matter of experiencing that bliss directly, rather than experiencing all the false negativity that lies between you and the feeling. Vivation helps you make that direct energetic connection. When you do that, any negativity that was there just melts away.

Vivation is one very powerful way to feel our body’s feelings and experience this bliss directly. This bliss is not a fixed state, but an eternal burbling spring of simple pleasure that is ever-renewing and refreshing – filled with meaning and purpose that guides us to our highest good and truest happiness. The present moment is never the same from one moment to the next. When we bring ourselves fully into our body, as Vivation does, we can feel this ever-unfolding present moment in all it’s beauty and wonder. There is no need to seek it outside yourself-the happiness you seek has been right there inside you all along.

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