Code of Ethics

Vivation Practitioners are committed to:

  1. Not discriminating on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age or appearance.
  2. Helping their clients achieve complete autonomy with the skill of Vivation.
  3. Establishing clear contracts with clients regarding the number and duration of sessions and financial terms.
  4. Maintaining confidentiality of client information and security of records of client session content.
  5. Practicing within their area of professional competence, training and expertise, by making this clear to prospective clients, and not making claims for services that cannot be substantiated.
  6. Establishing and maintaining healthy, appropriate and professional boundaries, by respecting the rights and dignity of those they serve.
  7. Seeking supervision and consultation when appropriate.
  8. Refraining from using their influence to exploit or inappropriately exercise power over their clients.
  9. Refraining from using their Vivation practice to promote personal religious beliefs.
  10. Refraining from all forms of sexual behavior or harassment with clients even when client initiates or invites such behavior.
  11. Providing clients with information about complimentary resources as appropriate.
  12. Referring clients to appropriate resources when presented with issues beyond their scope of training.
  13. Continuing to develop personally and professionally in their practice of Vivation, and keeping a healthy balance of work and self care.
  14. Maintaining and nurturing healthy relationships with other Vivation Professionals.
  15. Giving constructive feedback to other Vivation practitioners who they believe have failed to follow one or more of these ethical principles. If this does not sufficiently resolve the issue, seek consultation with the most appropriate professional and/or civil authorities within their region for the protection of clients involved.

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