Level 1 – Basic Training

This is our entry level course and contains everything you need to know to be able to do Vivation on your own. This course consists of 14 hours of instruction and coached sessions. This course can be completed in 2-3 days depending on the format. Due to Vivation’s unique nature, students with previous experience in other mediation or breathwork practices must also take this course before going on to Level 2. Learn More.

Level 2 – Advanced Training

This course is for experienced students who have completed at least a Level 1 training from a certified Vivation teacher. In this course we will dive deeper into the process and how it can be applied both in practice and daily life. Advanced training sessions can include mirror gaze, hot and cold water combination sessions, Vivation-in-action adventures, affirmation work, extended sessions with and without music, and special formats that can include empowerment activities like firewalking, skydiving, etc. This course can be taken together with Level 1Learn More.

Level 3 – Mastery Training

This intensive is for advanced practitioners only.  Entry into this course is on a selective basis. Requirements are the completion of both a Level 1 and Level 2 training, at least one year of regular and mastered efficiency of practice, selected readings, a written exam, and an interview with the instructor. Learn More.

Communication & Relationships Training

Working with a Certified Vivation Professional, you and your partner(s) will learn how to go into bliss together using the skill of happiness as taught in the Level 1 Basic Training, followed by additional Vivation sessions for cultivating greater communication, acceptance, and unconditional love in your relationships.  Learn More.

Vivation Refresher Training

For those looking to deepen or enhance their practice we offer “refresher” retreats. Depending on your needs, a refresher training  can include comprehensive Q&A discussions, eyes closed sessions, hot and cold water Vivation (one of the most powerful and healing experiences in the world!), eyegaze, Vivation-in-action, and Vivation with affirmations. Learn More.

Vivation® Professional Teacher Training

This is the official teacher training program for those wanting to become Certified Vivation® Practitioners.  Learn More.

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