Level 1 – Basic

The Level 1 Basic Training, also called The 7 Basic Lessons,  covers all you need to be able to start practicing Vivation on your own. In just 14 hours we will teach you all the basic elements needed to efficiently and pleasurably integrate your emotions on your own, giving you emotional freedom and autonomy! Each lesson is between two and two and one half hours long, with approximately an hour of instruction and an 60 to 90 minute coached Vivation session. The Basic Training can be completed in 2-3 days (depending on your schedule and availability). Each lesson builds on the next, resulting in your total autonomy with the skill. Below is a detailed description of each of the Seven Basic Lessons:


Lesson 1: The Three Points to Remember

Description: During the first lesson you will learn and remember the three simple points that help you encapsulate the 5 elements of Vivation and sustain it into unified process of emotional healing and integration. You will be guided through a series of experiential exercises to help you cultivate body-feeling awareness. This will include how to experience any emotional entirely at the physical-feeling level. You will also be shown the basics of circular breathing and how to best use it to maximize your enjoyment and cultivate greater awareness of the feelings in your body.

Session Format: Eyes Closed (Sitting or laying down)

Lesson 2: First Element – Circular Breathing

Description: In this lesson you will learn about the tremendous power and freedom that is possible with proper circular breathing, and how to use it to your full advantage. You will learn the different types of circular breathing, it’s dynamic range and capacity, and how to best use it for maximum power, pleasure and healing for every type of feeling or situation. Topics covered include Western and Eastern perspectives on the benefits of healthy breathing, comparison to other breathing techniques (pranayamas), as well as the issues of tetany and hyperventilation (which we do not do in Vivation and is unnecessary for the most profound healing results).

Session Format: Eyes Closed (sitting or laying down)


Lesson 3: Practical Fourth Element – Integration into Ecstasy

Description: This lesson covers the practical aspects of cultivating a positive and receptive relationship with any kind of feeling, especially those that have been limiting your enjoyment. You will learn the simple and practical method of how to really “be here now”. We won’t  just talk about it like other teachers, we will show you how! Topics covered include the practical aspects of how to facilitate emotional integration for every type of feeling, how to connect more deeply with your body and with present time, the practical differences between linear and momentary time, the basics of ecstasy and sustained bliss, content vs. context, and maximizing your enjoyment of the present moment.

Session Format: Eyes Closed (Sitting or laying down)

Lesson 4: Third Element – Awareness in Detail

Description: The ability to feel any emotion entirely at the physical level is a power and skill that will serve you for the rest of your life. This ability of having body rapport, coupled with the other four elements of Vivation, gives you the power to quickly resolve any emotion, even the most difficult ones, quickly and easily. In this lesson you will learn how to cultivate detailed awareness of the feelings and energy in your body. This will help you become more deeply connected to your body’s ground state, the healing properties within you, and the most natural path to a peaceful and tranquil mind. Through the third element of Vivation you will establish a true unity of mind and body.

Session Format: Eyes Closed (sitting or laying down)

Lesson 5: Fifth Element – Do Whatever You Do, Willingness is Enough

Description: In this lesson you will learn how your willingness alone will not only give you master over all aspects of Vivation, but over every area of your life . Even if you are one of those people “who have no willingness”, you will learn how to cultivate willingness itself. Topics covered include purposeful vs. futile desires, the ability to shift contexts easily, to significantly accelerate your emotional integration, to transcend mere “technique”, to expand dramatically your freedom and flexibility in which to live your life with the most meaning and purpose.

Session Format: Eyegaze

Lesson 6: Second Element – Complete Relaxation

Description: In this lesson you will learn how to cultivate deep states of continuous relaxation in the mind, body and spirit. You will learn how to make relaxation a completely natural and automatic part of how you are in the world. You will learn two powerful but completely different ways to establish deep states of progressive relaxation – one static and the other dynamic. You will learn how integration itself is a relaxation of effort. Relaxation is your key and one of the most important elements in helping you let go of suffering and surrender into sublime states of peace and bliss.

Session Format: Hot/Warm/Cold Water Water (depending on availability)

Lesson 7: Absolute Fourth Element

Description: In this lesson you will learn how to use Vivation in your everday life. You will learn about the connection between feeling-body states and your day to day activities. You will learn about Vivation-in-Action, Karma Yoga, finding your true purpose, and “living your dharma”. You will learn about the source of ecstasy, bliss, and happiness, as well as root causes of suffering. Additional topics include the Ecstasy Principle, the experiencer, the cause of negativity and it’s resolution, supreme and infinite varieties of bliss, and the absolute perfection of all things.

Session Format: Vivation-in-Action Adventure


For those who are especially busy the 7 Basic Lessons can be learned in a single weekend, starting on Friday evening. We can teach it to you privately one-on-one, to couples and groups as well as offering it in a variety of workshop settings. It doesn’t matter where you are… we can travel to you, or you can travel to us.

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