Program & Course Overview

400-Hour Professional Teacher Training Program

Depending on experience, our professional teacher training takes about two years to complete. The program consists of 400 hours of in person and at-home coursework.

The goal during this first year is for students to develop personal mastery of Vivation as well as demonstrating the requisite capability and maturity for professional practice. The emphasis is on a students personal growth, empowerment, emotional freedom and mastery.

Module I – Personal Growth and Development – 50 Hours

Module II – Personal Mastery and Professional Preparatory – 200 Hours (6-12 months)

Admission into Module II is available to all students who have completed both a Level 1 and 2 training with a certified Vivation Professional.

  • Distance Learning Practices– Vivation Empowerment Series, Daily Practice & Journaling, and selected readings chosen by instructor.
  • Distance Learning Advanced Coursework – Comparative Breathwork Theory & Practice, Eastern and Western Psychology Principles and Practices, Somatic, Perinatal & Transpersonal Psychology, Professional Ethics, Best Business practices, and special topics chosen by the instructor.

Module 3 – Professional Practitioner Training & Clinical Supervision – 150 Hours

Admission into Module 3 is available to all student who have completed Modules 1 and 2. Students must demonstrate personal mastery of Vivation, and the requisite maturity for professional practice. Professional students will learn all aspects of Vivation teaching, including facilitating safe, efficient and pleasurable Vivation sessions with clients. Module 3 includes:

  • Professional Instructor Series & Clinical Intensive (8-10 days)
  • Supervised practicum and apprenticeship towards professional mastery. Throughout the second year, students will have the opportunity to hone their skills with other students and private clients in a supervised setting.


  • Module 1 – $1400 (if paid together in full with Vivation International) – otherwise pricing depends on your instructor, and their structure and format (individual versus group training).
  • Module 2 – $700
  • Module 3 – $2100

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