Relationship Training

In this 4-day intensive you will learn how to use Vivation to cultivate unconditional love, create deliberate happiness, , resolve past wounds, build intimacy, and communicate honestly and compassionately with others.

The relationship training covers everything in the Basic Training or Mastery Training, as well as additional coached sessions and practical instruction for building strong and loving relationships with others.

This training is for couples, families, and anyone wanting more fulfilling relationships with others.


“I can’t say enough about this course! My husband and I were on the verge of divorce. I realized soon into the training we were each coming from a great deal of unresolved hurt and were unable to forgive or understand one another. Not only were we able to heal these pains, but for the first time ever we were able to hear and be with one another in a way I never thought was possible.”Rochelle Gordon

“My wife and I have been going to couples counseling for a long time, but nothing seemed to work long-term. After a while we always seemed to fall back into the same old patterns. I learned two very valuable lessons in this training. The first was a very practical way to resolve my own emotional pain, and the second were specific communication skills that worked wonders in opening doors for understanding and compassion. Combining these two, compassionate communication skills with Vivation is pure magic!”Bill Hartman

Cost is $300 per person, in addition to either the Basic Training or Mastery Training course fees.

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