Become A More Creative Person

By Jim Leonard

Most people believe that only a few people are creative and the rest simply are not. I’m going to prove now that this idea is just not true. Everyone dreams with infinite creativity several times every night of their life. When we dream, we create a whole new universe, an alternative reality so compellingly real, that we don’t even know it’s a dream until we wake up. The dreams you have every night, whether you remember them or not, are just as creative as the dreams of Einstein and da Vinci. This is conclusive proof that at the subconscious level everyone is infinitely creative.

All we need is to let some of that infinite creative power leak through from the unconscious so we can apply it to making our conscious dreams come true. OK, but how? The answer will surprise you. What I am going to describe is a process that I originally created in 1979, not for increasing creativity, but for making people happier by resolving troubling emotions.

I developed the Vivation process of emotional resolution in 1979. My first book about it, Vivation–The Science of Enjoying All of Your Life, was an international best-seller. I have personally given more than 45,000 Vivation sessions in 22 countries and I have trained hundreds of people around the world to have a successful career as a Vivation Professional. Now, worldwide, more than 100,000 people have experienced Vivation. Most of these people decided to try Vivation so they could live a happier life, untroubled by past emotional problems. They all achieved that result. All of them also became more creative.

I didn’t realize that all of my clients were consistently living in a more creative way until I had already been teaching Vivation for several years. Once this fact occurred to me, I observed that it was a universal benefit of doing Vivation. I did specialized research to discover why a process of emotional resolution was increasing people’s creativity. Here’s what I found:

The conscious mind maintains a barrier against emotional activation from the subconscious. To a certain extent, this barrier is OK. But for almost everyone the barrier is too thick and impermeable. Along with keeping out the unwanted emotions, they also keep out almost all of the great ideas from their subconscious. Vivation permanently resolves the emotions, and so makes contact with the subconscious emotionally safe and comfortable. Greatly enhanced creativity is one of several superb results.

Vivation also increases creativity in another way. It directly induces creative breakthrough. Every creative breakthrough involves a shift of focus. Before the creative breakthrough, we are focused on what isn’t there that we wish were there. At the breakthrough moment, we shift our focus to what is there and how we can make good use it. Vivation makes this shift at the feeling level. This shift, in Vivation terminology, is called “integration”. We usually describe integration as the permanent resolution of an emotion, but in the same instant there is also a creative breakthrough.

The most important thing to know about Vivation is that it is a skill we teach you to do for yourself. My third book, Vivation–The Skill of Happiness, describes how the process works. In order to learn to use the skill for yourself, you need seven lessons from a trained Vivation Professional. These seven lessons are normally completed in a single weekend, so that you do not even need take any time off from work. Vivation is available globally and you can receive these lessons conveniently no matter where you are located.

When you have learned Vivation, you will be a far more creative person than you were before. You can use your newfound creativity any way you want. You can write books, plays, or poetry. You can compose music. You can solve problems. You can increase your income. You can be more effective in your work. You can achieve your goals.

Get started now with a fuller, more productive, more creative, and happier life, by contacting Vivation, Incorporated, at no cost or obligation, to receive a proposal on how you can learn Vivation in your area. It’s easy. It’s enjoyable. It’s a whole new you.

Jim Leonard was the originator of the Vivation process. During his life he conducted more than 45,000 Vivation sessions in 22 countries.

For more information on Vivation or to experience it yourself, feel free to contact us on our toll-free number at 1-800-514-8483.

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