Breath of Enlightenment Heals Stress Permanently

By Jim Leonard

Vivation gives you gentle access to the suppressed emotion that generates your stress, and resolves it permanently within minutes or seconds. Since I developed Vivation, in 1979, I have personally given more than 45,000 Vivation sessions in 22 countries. Counting all the clients of all my Vivation students, more than 100,000 people, worldwide, have learned to do Vivation for themselves.

There is more to Vivation than just the breathing, but the breathing is extremely important. By experimenting with many ancient and modern breathing processes, starting with yoga breathing when I was just eight years old, I developed the breathing that resolves emotions. I coined the term “Circular Breathing” as the name of this easy, natural way of breathing, because the breathing is connected all the way around, like a circle, and because it circulates healing energy throughout the body.

Circular Breathing is the most natural way to breathe. It is the way all cats breathe, without anyone teaching it to them. Nearly all humans inhibit their breathing, however, because of suppressing emotions. They need instruction in Vivation to get started doing Circular Breathing. After doing just a few Vivation sessions, people’s habitual, automatic breathing becomes Circular all the time, even when they are not paying attention to it.

Circular Breathing feels great, for at least two reasons: 1. The circulation of healing energy in the body is a physically pleasurable; 2. Vivation causes the permanent resolution of emotions and physical sensations, including pain, which feels like having a big burden lifted off.

To understand how Circular Breathing works, you need to know a little bit about Vivation. Vivation works on a simple principle: If we feel an emotion or sensation honestly and in detail and relate to it positively, then the feeling resolves itself permanently. This permanent resolution of an emotion or sensation is called an “integration”. Integration is the result produced by Vivation. With proper instruction in Vivation and a little bit of practice, people commonly achieve an efficiency of about one integration per minute. Each one of these integrations, all by itself, would be a life-changer. Causing integration with Vivation is easy and natural. A great thing about Vivation is that you feel the integration happen.

What does this have to do with Circular Breathing? While it is not the breathing, itself, that causes integration, Circular Breathing makes a huge difference. Without Circular Breathing, maybe somebody could integrate something once in a while, maybe a handful of integrations in a lifetime, but an integration per minute would be quite impossible. When healing energy circulates throughout the body, as the result of doing Circular Breathing, whatever emotion or sensation most needs healing at the moment stands out, gently, and asks for our attention. With proper instruction in Vivation, you learn to give the right quality of loving attention to the feeling that is standing out, and then you feel the feeling integrate. Permanently. You also learn to make subtle adjustments to the breathing, as you go through the Vivation session, in order to develop rapport with each feeling, as it comes up.

Vivation is often called “Stress Reduction so Effective the Stress Never Comes Back.”. This is because all stress has its origin in a suppressed, subconsciously held, negative emotion. With Vivation, the sensation of stress, itself, gives perfect access to the associated subconscious emotion, and integrates it almost instantaneously. The very nature of integration is to be permanent. That particular thing will never stress you again.

After just a few Vivation sessions, you will be able to use Vivation anytime, anyplace, even while simultaneously engaging in another activity. This means you will be able to use Vivation right in the situation that triggers your stress, while you are at work, for instance. You can also use Vivation when you get home after a busy day, and feel great immediately, while also making direct, linear progress on your emotional healing. Besides Vivation, there is nothing else in the world that can give you this benefit.

Jim Leonard was the originator of the Vivation process. During his life he conducted more than 45,000 Vivation sessions in 22 countries.

For more information on Vivation or to experience it yourself, feel free to contact us on our toll-free number at 1-800-514-8483.

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