Genuine Personal Growth

By Jim Leonard

What is the precise meaning of personal growth? There are two components: happiness and power. Happiness means being in harmony with our lives as events take place, living with a spirit of celebration, joy, and enthusiasm. Power means our capacity to live purposefully and achieve our goals. Personal growth means evolving constantly in the direction of unconditional love and personal achievement.

Vivation is the most powerful method of personal growth ever developed. Vivation brings us into harmony and well-being, and reveals our natural purpose in life, giving us powerful motivation to stay laser-focused on achieving the right goals for us.

Vivation is a process for permanently resolving negative emotions on all levels, conscious and subconscious. Vivation goes way beyond positive thinking, because it works directly at the feeling level, the level that counts. It is no good to keep plastering positive thoughts on our conscious mind, while continuing the more important patterns of negativity at the subconscious level. Vivation removes negative factors from the subconscious, assuring our success.

Here is how Vivation works: if we intentionally maximize our enjoyment of the present moment (a fundamental skill taught in Vivation), we find that we are not able to enjoy the present moment infinitely. We find that something or other puts a limit on our capacity to enjoy. In Vivation, this limiting factor emerges as a subtle feeling, which we use the process to resolve permanently. This permanent resolution, known in Vivation parlance as “integration,” comes about by feeling the feeling honestly and in detail in our body and changing our relationship to it to a positive relationship. This means accepting it, enjoying it, claiming our good from it. Each feeling emerges gently and integrates permanently. Vivation is very pleasurable.

I developed the Vivation process in 1979, following a long period of research, which pretty much occupied my entire life up to that point. What I learned to do in 1979 is to directly cause integration at the feeling level. I did not develop Vivation primarily as something to teach others–I developed it to help myself overcome my own difficulties. In my first successful Vivation session, on July 13, 1979, I knew that I had found exactly what I had been looking for all my life. I spent hours doing Vivation by myself, feeling emotions and physical sensations integrate, and then I discovered that the integrations had revealed my personal purpose in life. I developed a way to teach Vivation to others, and got busy.

Now I have personally given more than 45,000 Vivation sessions in 22 countries. I have written three successful books about it. I have trained hundreds of people around the world to have a successful career as a Vivation Professional. Worldwide, adding together all my clients and the clients of all my students, more than 100,000 people have experienced the benefits of Vivation. Best of all, I continue enthusiastically using Vivation for myself.

Vivation is a skill that we teach you to do for yourself. Vivation is not a therapy or a treatment. It cannot make you dependent on your Vivation Professional–just the opposite. Vivation teaches you precisely how to take responsibility for your own happiness and power. It puts the power of personal growth where it belongs: in your own hands.

You learn Vivation in seven lessons, either privately or in a group. Each of The Seven Basic Lessons has two parts, a one-hour lesson to help you develop skill with the Vivation process, followed by a one-hour, closely guided Vivation session. The Seven Basic Lessons are scheduled close together, in a period of 2, 3, or 4 days, depending on your preferences and schedule. We often complete The Seven Basic Lessons in a single weekend. For most people, The Seven Basic Lessons do not require taking any time off from work.

Because of the way Vivation works, the most important feelings come up first. The sessions are very pleasurable, as you feel emotions and physical sensations come up gently and integrate permanently. Your life will change dramatically for the better, right from the beginning. You’ll find yourself happier and more focused. Situations that used to trouble you either don’t happen at all anymore, or else you stay centered and take appropriate action. As you continue integrating feeling after feeling, you’ll find that your natural purpose in life reveals itself.

Vivation would be the best thing in the world, even if its result was just the integration of the subconsciously held, negative emotions that get resolved in those seven sessions with your Vivation Professional. But it is far better than that. The result of completing the seven lessons is that you’ll have the skill to continue doing Vivation on your own for the rest of your life to eliminate stress, resolve pain and other physical sensations, and increase your enjoyment of the things in your life that are already pleasurable. Each lesson gives you a quantum leap in your ability to cause integration. People who complete The Seven Basic Lessons often achieve an efficiency of about one integration per minute, which is very pleasurable. People call the way Vivation feels “blissful”.

People who do Vivation live more creatively. Their income goes up. They become better friends, parents and family members. All their relationships improve. Best of all, as they achieve success in their chosen fields, they are able to enjoy deeply the fruits of their labors.

Vivation gives you genuine personal growth and makes your personal growth something that you can understand in a concrete, practical way. It makes personal growth something that you can share inquiringly with others, and bring out the best in everyone around you. With Vivation, you will live a much fuller life than you possibly could without it.

Jim Leonard was the originator of the Vivation process. During his life he conducted more than 45,000 Vivation sessions in 22 countries.

For more information on Vivation or to experience it yourself, feel free to contact us on our toll-free number at 1-800-514-8483.

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