Getting On With Your Life

By Jim Leonard

Whether you hope to get back together or just want to put the whole thing behind you, you need emotional resolution. Vivation provides you a proven set of skills to resolve permanently the emotional baggage of your past. If you continue the same as before, you’ll get more of the same relationship problems, whether they are with the same person or someone else. This doesn’t have to happen. With Vivation, you can at least clean up your own side of the street. Blaming the other person takes all the power away from you. Even if you really were a victim of this person, if you don’t heal from within, you’ll likely be a victim of someone else again. Vivation facilitates deep change from within, and so improves your relationships with everyone. Couples who learn Vivation together clean up both sides of the street, and live together in peace and elegance.

Vivation is not similar to marriage counseling or psychotherapy, although it can increase the effectiveness of those other modalities. Vivation is a skill that you apply to yourself. Vivation works directly at the feeling level, without the need for words or any mental processing. Obviously issues around relationships are complicated. Vivation cuts through all the complexity by resolving one emotion at a time, very quickly and efficiently. In a single, hour-long Vivation session, you might integrate fifty key emotions. With Vivation there is no need to label emotions or to talk to anyone about your feelings. It is enough to feel your own feelings within the privacy of yourself. Even when couples do Vivation together, they do not have to rehash any old issues, or even let the other person know what emotions they are integrating.

Vivation is a skill that you learn in seven private lessons from a trained and qualified Vivation Professional. Each lesson consists of one hour of lesson followed by one hour of expertly guided session. Vivation is physically pleasurable. The Seven Basic Lessons are often completed in a single weekend. During the Vivation sessions, you will apply the skills that you learned from your Vivation Professional. A feeling, emotion, or physical sensation will gently come up and integrate for you. As you apply the skills, under the expert supervision of your Vivation Professional, you will feel each feeling integrate, which means that the problem is resolved from its core, and all unpleasantness disappears. The integration is permanent. During the session, as you feel the integration, a different feeling comes up, and you feel that one integrate, too. By the end of the session, you will be feeling wonderful, even if you were feeling horrible before it started. The purpose of The Seven Basic Lessons is to make integration very efficient for you. By the end of the seventh lesson, you may achieve an efficiency of about one integration per minute. Vivation sessions are available inexpensively to everyone, everywhere in the world.

Of course, many times separation or divorce is the best course of action. Not all couples want to make up. Or maybe one partner wants to break up and the other person wants to stay together. Your results with Vivation do not depend at all on the other person. Breaking up is hard to do because of dependence. Staying together is also hard to do because of dependence. Vivation gives you the power to create your own happiness, independent of anyone else. Without the emotional dependencies, you will not have the relationship problems.

Vivation removes all unwanted patterns from your life. Maybe you’ve had one painful breakup after another. It never has to be that way again. When you permanently resolve your own unwanted emotional patterns, the whole future of your relationships changes. You may have some patterns left over from a difficult childhood. Vivation clears those up too. If you have or plan to have children, isn’t it great to know that you will not pass the same problems on to another generation?

When the air clears and separation or divorce is no longer a current problem for you, you will continue to use the skill of Vivation for the rest of your life to resolve stress, pain, and negative emotions. When you get Vivation sessions, not only do you clear up the current problems, but you also learn how to do something pleasurable and positive for yourself. Vivation is an excellent value considering that you never have to get help again once you take The Seven Basic Lessons.

Vivation eliminates the shame and blame that go with breakups. With Vivation your emotions will settle and you’ll be able to see the positive aspects of yourself and the other person. Whether you want to break up or stay together, it really does not serve you to perpetuate negativity about the other person or about yourself. If your thought about yourself is that you always have relationship problems, you can clear up both that negative thought and anything in yourself that may have actually contributed to the relationship problems in the past.

Vivation frees you from your past. If you have been through separation or divorce before, then you may have arrived at some negative conclusions about yourself, or about women or men. If you perpetuate those negative beliefs, then what chance do you have? Vivation clears the whole thing up and renews your optimism, enthusiasm, and energy. Vivation prepares you to try your best again, either with the same person or someone new—without the relationship problems of your past.

Separation and divorce are usually unnecessary. After all, if your relationship with the person worked before, then why can’t it work again? Even in cases where there has been betrayal, good feelings and positive, caring action can be restored. If you find yourself on the threshold of separation or divorce, then something about your communication has not worked, despite your best attempts. If you resolve your own emotions from the inside, then communication will work for you. Vivation gives you something new. You do not have to break up!

If your breakup has already occurred, and either you don’t want to get back together, or you think that getting back together is just improbable, then you can use Vivation to resolve your feelings of loss, hurt, and anger. With Vivation, you will get over the breakup much faster than you possibly could without it.

I have helped thousands of people permanently resolve their relationship problems with Vivation. The hundreds of Vivation Professionals I have trained have, themselves, helped many thousands more. If you decide to try Vivation, Vivation will also work for you.

Jim Leonard was the originator of the Vivation process. During his life he conducted more than 45,000 Vivation sessions in 22 countries.

For more information on Vivation or to experience it yourself, feel free to contact us on our toll-free number at 1-800-514-8483.

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