Spiritual Healing With Vivation

By Mick Sands

The spiritual philosophy behind Vivation is that spiritual growth occurs in and through the body.

All our feelings are composed of energy. When we add to this the innumerable electrical charges that run our neurological processes together with the power that moves our muscles, it is logical to conclude that our bodies are in fact energy systems.

That all of the energy in this energy system contains some intelligence is axiomatic. The unconscious actions of the body alone prove it to be so. When we consider the deep knowledge some feelings seem to carry, it seems likely that the energy is infused with more intelligence than we can readily understand.

To adopt this idea can only empower us. It is not necessary that we consider religion in any of its forms to accept the idea that we are imbued with intelligent life force. We can feel it. It is our energy and it stirs within us. No particular kinds of beliefs or philosophy are required to embrace it. In fact, a deep experience of this energy can not only match the highest spiritual experience, it can ground us much more effectively at the same time.

Seeing our bodies as energy systems and recognizing the intelligence within that energy can help us enormously in resolving our feelings. If we see the sensations we are trying to get rid of as patterns of energy inside an energy system, it becomes easier to withdraw our judgments about them and see them for what they are. If our worst feelings are composed of energy, which in its natural state is obviously a good thing, then they cannot be completely bad. In any event, to integrate any feeling we need only to be willing to receive the energy from the pattern of energy.

The more we can allow ourselves to surrender to our bodies’ intelligence, the more we can permit it to lead us to healing. Whatever that energy is doing right now – whether it’s pushing hard against our diaphragm, twisting tight inside our heads or buzzing irritably in our chests – it is actively seeking integration, healing and wholeness. The wisdom of our bodies possesses all we require to get all we want. Everything we need really is within us.

No matter what our intellect has to say on the subject – and rare is the time when it doesn’t have something to put forward – our bodies can solve our problems much more effectively than our minds can. By integrating the emotion from which the difficulty stems, we eliminate the problem at its source. Once this integration has occurred, there is no need for additional thinking, because the dilemma doesn’t exist any more. We will either be happy that the feeling is there, or we will have forgotten about it completely.

Integration is never partial. It can be sudden and dramatic and surprising, or it can be a more understated event, but we will never be left in any doubt about whether or not we have made peace with the feeling. In some way or another pain will have transformed into pleasure.

If we allow it, our body will happily become our guru. We don’t need to travel to India to find a leader that will set us on the path to happiness. This one is available to us in every moment. It knows every detail of our history, every component of our hopes and desires, every particular of our hurts and disappointments. To discover it, all we have to do is journey into our physical sensations and explore within our kinesthetic sense. When we feel our feelings deeply, their intrinsic wisdom becomes increasingly clear to us. With practice, our detailed awareness of the sensations in our body and the subtle changes within them will provide us with all the guidance we need.

Vivation is a dynamic meditation technique that will effectively develop your spirituality, reduce your stress, improve your breathing and your relationships, and raise your self esteem.

Instead of meditating on mental abstractions, Vivation brings your full focus onto the sensations in your body. It is the ultimate self-awareness meditation. By experiencing the details of your feelings profoundly, you not only heal yourself but gain great personal awareness along the way.

Mick Sands is the Director of Associated Vivation Professionals in the United Kingdom.

For more information on Vivation or to experience it yourself, feel free to contact us on our toll-free number at 1-800-514-8483.

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