Addictions (Multiple)

*Case history release (with clients’ permission) of 42 year old man who used Vivation to quickly overcome multiple addictions, as well as chronic anxiety and depression.

Vive Pro: Paul Hughes
Date: August, 2003

Client reported numerous addictions including chain smoking cigarettes, drinking binges, excessive daily caffeine and marijuana.

When client arrived for his first Vivation session, he was agitated and restless, pacing the room and having a hard time sitting down. Client was very worried that he would not be able to learn Vivation because he said he had a hard time sitting still or paying attention.  I told him this does not matter. I reassured him that Vivation will work fine regardless of his state of mind, or his ability to sit still. Vivation does not require a still mind or body to work.

About 5 minutes into his first session I guided the client to pay attention to the strongest feeling in his body. He said this was impossible because his mind was moving a million miles an hour.   Client said he was very nervous and out of desperation downed two double-shots of cappuccino immediately before his first session. I told him that this was perfectly OK, and that anyone who had that much caffeine would have a hard time calming the mind. I told him it doesn’t matter what his mind does, Vivation works regardless of what the mind does.  I said that this was OK, and to just noticed what it feels like for his mind to move so fast.

Client said he could feel his “restless mind” in the temples of his forehead. He said it felt like his head was “going to explode”.  I told him to not fight it but just keep breathing and relaxing. As he kept viving I could see a tremendous amount of struggle and tension in his face begin to let go at which point he began to weep uncontrollably. This was soon followed by laughter and several sighs of relief. For the next few minutes he went back and forth between laughter and tears, and started taking bigger breaths, followed by bigger sighs as the tension in his body melted away. After the first hour-long session was over, client was visibly calmer and more relaxed. He reported that he tried many different kinds of meditation, yoga and relaxation and none of them seemed to work. He said he not felt this relaxed as far as he could remember. He immediately got up and smoked a cigarette.

On the second day, client decided to forgo drinking caffeine and “see what happens”. I asked him if smoke any cigarettes, and he said he had two – one during breakfast and one on the drive over.  During our second session, and about 3 hours after we first started, client jumped up and shouted, “I haven’t had a cigarette!”. Then immediately went back to Viving. He started laughing. After the session was over, I asked him about that. He said he couldn’t believe he managed to go three hours without smoking, and now four hours.  He then got up and smoked a cigarette.  He didn’t think it was possible to go so long without smoking – he said he hasn’t gone that long since he was a teenager.

Over the next two days, client reported increasing amounts of calm and felt he could integrate any unpleasant feeling that came into bliss.  He said he was able to go longer and longer without smoking. He said he was continually surprised that feelings which he always had could resolve so quickly.

One of his biggest stresses was driving on the freeway in rush hour traffic, so on the third day we decided to do a Vivation-in-Action adventure on the freeway during rush hour. During the entire stop-and-go traffic he continued to smile and laugh and said he was surprised at how good he felt doing something he always hated and which always made him angry, depressed and anxious.  I asked him is smoked any cigarettes that day and he said only one first thing in the morning.  I witnessed that he did not smoke any cigarettes during lunch, and by the end of the day and the training had not smoked at all.

12-Month Follow-Up

Client said he had quit smoking for good a few days after the conclusion of the training. He said he still drinks coffee in the morning, but only 1 or 2 cups.  He said Vivation also helped him quit alcohol completely, and felt no need to smoke marijuana for sleep. He reported that Vivation helped with energy during the day, and that in the evening he goes to the gym , reporting that he hasn’t felt this good ever. He says that barely remembers having any previous history of depression.  He reported that he had a couple of intense anxiety attacks but said  he was able to quickly resolve them using Vivation. He says that Vivation has given him continuous positive energy and insights about his purpose. He said he quit the job he dreaded, made a career change, and moved to a new part of the country he always wanted to live in.

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