Ally Sheedy


“Vivation has been my constant companion… I can’t imagine life without it!”
– Ally Sheedy, celebrity actress

Dick Bertram



“Vivation is the most powerful transformational process I have ever experienced. I enthusiastically recommend Vivation to everyone.”
-Dick Bertram, billionaire founder of Bertram Yachts



Luisa Rasiej


“I love feeling the energy. Why do people do drugs when they can have this bliss through Vivation?”
– Louisa Rasiej, therapist, New York City


Dr. Steven Farmer



“Vivation is a powerful skill for clearing and integrating feelings and increasing psychospiritual awareness. I highly recommend it!”
– Dr. Steven Farmer, psychotherapist.
author, The Wounded Male and Adult Children of Abusive Parents


Don McFarland



“Vivation is an invaluable tool for self-exploration; an effective method to sweep clean the path between your reality and your desires.”
– Don McFarland, D.C, founder of Body Harmony®



Anthony Dallman-Jones“Hidden in plain sight, Paul Hughes sits on top of some of the most powerful information known to man. And no one would I trust more with it.  Paul is one of the best existing teachers of Vivation today. It is wonderful to know someone you can trust completely to level with you and help you at the same time… You will not find anyone better to teach you Vivation, the most important information (and Living Strategy) you will ever learn. NO ONE has ever said, “Well that was a waste of time and money!” about Vivation.”
-Anthony Dallmann-Jones PhD
author of The Phoenix Flight Manual
and Founder of the National At-Risk Education Network (NAREN)


James Braha“Vivation has had a profound effect on my life and my happiness. As an astrologer, I am constantly recommending the practice to clients who feel powerless over negative relationship patterns, confidence problems, and self-worth issues. Thank God for Vivation.”
– James Braha, author, Ancient Hindu Astrology for Modern Astrologers


Victor Boc


“Vivation has made an immense difference in my life. Vivation is the one process, of all those I tried, that truly changed me inside, to the core.”
-Victor Boc, radio talk-show host



“The Vivation process really works for me. It’s like a jet airplane, pushing me through my barriers to success!”
-Jay Armstrong, golf professional and consultant

“How does one briefly say a concept that really cannot even be described in words? To say it changed my life seems too simple. To say it allows spirit energy to enter every cell in my body; to be able to experience freedom that keeps growing and love that keeps expanding, well it sounds a little out there. And unless experienced, it almost seems unbelievable. For about 15 years I had chronic back pain, from a physical abnormality. Heavy lifting could easily put me into excruciating pain for weeks. One Vivation session in a tub in France, in a moment of total surrender and love, the pain dissipated and has never returned, about 7 years now. With each session I still marvel that it works so well. It definitely has allowed me to go far beyond my highest expectations. The horizons appear infinite in every direction.”
– Lans Peterson, acupuncture physician, herbalist, and wellness consultant

“The shifts in my life have been remarkable. Vivation has made my life simpler. I’ve unburdened myself through breathing.”
– Elda Luisi, actress, New York City

“It would not be an exaggeration to say that Vivation has changed my life. After a few sessions, I began to feel much more human and alive. Vivation has allowed me to break out of my habitual boxes to live life in a much more spontaneous way. One night while I was out of town on a business trip, I returned to my rental car to find the battery was dead. The tow truck driver took forever to show up. Even though the neighborhood was unsafe, Vivation kept me calm, clear-headed, and alert.”
– Robin Quinn, copy editor

“If I had to limit my advice on healthier living to just one tip, it would be simply to learn how to breathe correctly.”
– Andrew Weil, M.D

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