Vivation: The Skill of Happiness

Book Description:

Vivation is the physically pleasurable skill of happiness and unconditional love. It brings together the breath and focused awareness to empower you on all levels. Vivation enables you to experience a superior life by directly healing the negative emotions in your subconscious mind. Specifically, Vivation causes integration – the ability to happily accept reality, while empowering you to change the situation if desired. Thousands worldwide are using this wonderful and powerful process invented by Jim Leonard, who personally facilitated more than 40,000 Vivation sessions in twenty countries in his lifetime. This is his third and most definitive book on the subject of Vivation.

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Your Fondest Dream

Book Description

When it comes to creativity, most people think that this  quality is almost exclusively the province of writers, artists, musicians, and perhaps a few notable scientists and thought leaders. What you may not know is that creativity can be cultivated and expanded for use in everyday life. In this followup to his bestselling “Vivation: The Skill of Happiness” book, Jim Leonard shows how to use the creative power within you to develop creativity into an effective and reliable personal resource.

You will learn how to apply your creativity to solve a wide array of problems in business, personal relationships and health, as well as to artistic, literary and musical endeavors. You can also use creativity to solve money problems and achieve goals, and develop a strong sense of purpose to live life boldly and enthusiastically. Never again will you procrastinate while waiting for inspiration.

In Your Fondest Dream, Jim isolates the components of creativity and offers a step-by-step blueprint to become more creative in the areas that matter most to you. Instead of waiting for your muse, you will learn exercises and techniques for eliminating resistance, growing your capacity for “out-of-the-box” thinking, and how to make inspiration happen, using the self-improvement technique of Vivation.

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